Our unparalleled IT support offering with a three-tiered approach: Fully Managed for proactive and seamless operational excellence, Reactive for those who need once off issue resolution, and Retainer for a hybrid approach which means there is still a cap on your hours but you do get the benefit of a more proactive approach. We’re not just a support team; we’re your strategic ally in navigating the dynamic world of technology, committed to keeping your business at its best, always.

Fully Managed



Fully Managed

Located in Pietermaritzburg, our Fully Managed IT Support services are your dedicated partner in maintaining and optimising your IT infrastructure. With a fixed monthly fee, we handle everything from general advice and troubleshooting to intricate problem diagnosis and resolution. Our commitment extends to straightforward Service Level Agreements (SLAs), which guarantee a comprehensive spectrum of support. With us, your technology is not just maintained; it’s elevated, leaving you free to focus on what matters most – the success of your business.

Keys to Elevating Your IT Experience:

  • Unlimited Remote Support: Access prompt assistance from anywhere through remote channels.

  • Unlimited Onsite Support: Receive hands-on support as needed, depending on your location.

  • Dedicated IT Manager: Benefit from a designated IT manager for personalised and efficient service.

  • Automated Updates & Patch Management: Stay secure and up-to-date with automated updates and meticulous patch management.

  • Proactive Infrastructure Management & Monitoring: Ensure seamless operations with proactive infrastructure management and around-the-clock monitoring.

  • Vendor Relationship Management: Streamline communication and support with effective vendor relationship management.

Altostratus Tech’s Fully Managed Offering empowers businesses with a competitive edge. Our relentless approach to maximizing what they get our of their IT, enables them to stay laser-focused on running their business.


Discover the freedom of our Reactive Break-Fix Service — your instant IT solution with no contractual commitments. Our flexible hourly rate services empower you to tailor your support precisely to your current business needs. With Reactive, take command of your budget, paying only for the specific expertise you require. We bring you a proficient IT workforce that seamlessly integrates into your team during urgent moments. No matter where you are, our engineers are ready to provide on-demand support. Pre-book time slots, define hours, and detail your tasks, knowing you have a fully competent team ready to go. Relax and concentrate on your business, assured that your IT needs are in capable hands.

Unlock the Power of Reactive IT Support:

  • Support Your Existing Team: Enhance your IT capabilities on demand. If your in-house team faces a specific challenge or experiences unexpected shortages, our Reactive Offering provides the extra hands you need.

  • Budget-Friendly Solutions: Optimise your budget by paying only for IT services when you need them. Our Reactive Offering allows you to address specific issues without committing to ongoing contracts, ensuring cost-effectiveness.

  • Relieve Staff Burden: When team members juggle dual roles, especially during intense projects, our experts step in to alleviate the IT burden. Let us take over specific tasks, ensuring your staff can focus on their core responsibilities.

Altostratus Tech’s Reactive Offering: Your go-to IT support precisely when you need it—rest easy, your challenges are in experienced hands!


Unlock the perfect blend of proactive prowess and budget-friendly peace of mind with Altostratus Tech’s Retainer model. Our hybrid approach bridges the gap between Fully Managed and Reactive offerings, allowing you to pre-pay for a set amount of hours each month. This strategic investment ensures a proactive stance towards your IT needs, empowering you with a dedicated support structure that aligns seamlessly with your budget. With our Retainer, stay ahead of challenges and enjoy the flexibility of tailored IT support.

Unlock the Benefits:

  • Extend Your Team: Elevate your internal IT capabilities by integrating our engineers seamlessly. With a Retainer, they become a steadfast addition, and your team decides how to make the most of these hours each month.

  • Happy Calls, Happy Staff: Foster a culture where your staff feel confident seeking IT help within budget constraints. A Retainer ensures that assistance is just a call away, promoting a content and supported workforce.

  • Proactive Excellence: Entrust us to execute essential proactive tasks each month within your budget. Our Retainer model ensures that crucial proactive measures are seamlessly implemented, fortifying your IT infrastructure.

Altostratus Tech’s Retainer Model: Where confidence meets capability—unleashing proactive IT support and empowering your team to harness help whenever they need it.