Experience fortress-level security with Altostratus Tech, covering every digital frontier from email to endpoint and perimeter. We go beyond mere setup, implementing robust measures such as DMARC for email fortification and enforcing MFA ubiquitously across your perimeter. Our vigilant security tools ensure not only detection but swift reaction, with alerts monitored in real-time. Elevate your defense strategy with Altostratus and fortify your digital landscape against ever-evolving threats.





Email security at Altostratus Tech goes beyond the basics. We fortify your digital communication fortress by safeguarding logins with MFA, storing emails in state-of-the-art secure locations, and implementing robust SPAM and Virus filtering. Our commitment extends to standard best practices, including SPF, DKIM, and DMARC, ensuring a comprehensive shield against cyber threats. Elevate your email security with us and experience a level of protection that goes beyond industry standards.

Email Security Essentials:

  • Where to Host: Our recommendation is Microsoft Exchange Online, they boast exceptional standard features, including MFA protection, secure data centres, and the unparalleled security investment of Microsoft.

  • Minimum Standards: Elevate your email security by configuring a minimum of DMARC, DKIM, and SPF, ensuring robust protection against phishing and cyber threats. User Awareness: Prioritise the human firewall with regular awareness training, empowering your staff to recognise and thwart potential phishing attacks, safeguarding your business from cyber risks.

  • Secure Communication: Implement TLS (Transport Layer Security) for encrypted email communication, adding an extra layer of protection to sensitive data.

  • Develop and enforce standard policies: Maximise protection against SPAM, AV, and impersonation attacks, including whaling threats, optimising your defence against a range of email-borne threats.

Altostratus Tech: Elevating Email Security Beyond the Norm. From hosting in the robust Microsoft Exchange Online to enforcing top-tier standards and user awareness, we fortify your digital communication with cutting-edge solutions. Trust us to optimise your defence, making email security a seamless and proactive shield for your business.


At Altostratus Tech, Endpoint Security means comprehensive protection for everything under our management, spanning from your laptops to your MS 365 Tenant and everything in between. Our recommendation includes investing in our leading EDR agent, a vigilant guardian that is always on the lookout for threats. Additionally, we offer options to monitor your MS 365 Tenant actively, ensuring it’s not just a set-and-forget configuration, but a dynamic defense against potential issues.

Endpoint Security Unleashed:

  • Laptops & Servers: Ideal protection combines our EDR agent and our Monitoring agent, ensuring constant threat vigilance, system updates, and responsive remediation.
  • Network Devices: Critical security hinges on keeping software up to date; any vulnerability in your network devices is akin to leaving the front door wide open for cyber threats.
  • MS 365 Tenant: For anyone using MS 365 as your core business tool, we recommend enhancing your security with continuous monitoring of user security and tenant health.
  • Website: Ensure your website is a fortress with our commitment to keeping all components, including plugins, on the latest version. In the realm of security, a single vulnerability is all an attacker needs to breach your defenses.

Altostratus Tech: Elevating Endpoint Security with vigilant fortification. While no one can guarantee immunity from evolving cyber threats, proactive measures are in place to ensure robust protection, keeping digital assets resilient in the face of an ever-changing threat landscape.


At Altostratus Tech, we redefine perimeter security beyond traditional approaches relying solely on firewalls. Our philosophy involves adding an extra layer of advanced protection to the top layer of all your digital activities. From elevated email security, web filtering, CDNs, firewalls, to VPNs, we craft an outer shield for your digital assets. Crucially, we regularly test the resilience of this shield through penetration testing, ensuring it stands strong against potential threats.

Keys to Elevating Your IT Experience:

  • Email Security: Elevate your defence with advanced email security measures, shielding against sophisticated threats before they reach your inbox.

  • Web Filtering: Safeguard your network by filtering web content, blocking malicious sites, and minimising the risk of cyber threats from internet sources.

  • CDNs (Content Delivery Networks): Optimise performance and security by leveraging CDNs, enhancing the delivery of web content while mitigating potential security risks.

  • Firewalls: Reinforce your digital fortress with robust firewalls, setting up barriers against unauthorised access and potential cyber intrusions.

  • VPNs (Virtual Private Networks): Ensure secure communication and data transfer with VPNs, encrypting your connections and preserving the confidentiality of sensitive information.

  • Penetration Testing: Regularly evaluate the strength of your security measures through penetration testing, identifying potential vulnerabilities and fortifying your defences against evolving cyber threats.

Trust Altostratus Tech to fortify your digital perimeter with a strategic blend of advanced tools and vigilant testing. Elevate your security stance, ensuring a resilient defense against cyber threats while you focus on what matters most – the success of your business.