Embark on a transformative journey with Altostratus Tech’s Project Services. Whether it’s redefining your infrastructure, navigating the realms of digital transformation, or fortifying business continuity, our expert team is your dedicated partner in turning projects into triumphs. Elevate your business to new heights, knowing that innovation, resilience, and efficiency are at the core of every project we undertake.


Digital Transformation

Business Continuity


At Altostratus Tech, we redefine the possibilities of infrastructure projects. From seamlessly installing network switches to orchestrating expansive cloud migrations, we stand as your versatile partner in the digital evolution. As a cloud-first company, our commitment extends beyond traditional setups—we envision and implement infrastructure that’s cloud-based, ensuring your business operates on the forefront of efficiency, scalability, and innovation. Harness the future of infrastructure with Altostratus Tech.

Crafting Seamless Solutions for Every Need:

  • File Store Migration: Seamlessly transition from on-premises to the cloud or migrate within the cloud effortlessly. As champions of the MS 365 Stack, we recommend SharePoint for a robust file storage experience.
  • Email Migration: Embrace the unbeatable efficiency of a fully cloud-based solution with MS Exchange Online. Regardless of your current email system, we specialize in smooth and secure migrations.

  • New Setups: Launching a startup or craving a fresh beginning? Let us set up your MS 365 Tenant with everything you need, from email to SharePoint and Teams.

  • Networking: Whether it’s replacements or new setups, we handle it all: Routers, Firewalls, Switches, and Wireless Access Points. Elevate your network infrastructure with our expertise.

  • Servers: From setup to replacement, we cover the entire spectrum, including the Operating System and Virtualization. Need storage solutions like SAN or NAS? We’ve got that covered too.

Altostratus Tech’s Infrastructure Machine: Where seamless transitions, innovative setups, and unparalleled expertise converge to redefine the backbone of your digital success.

Digital Transformation

Unleash your business potential with Altostratus Tech’s Digital Transformation. Leave legacy IT behind and join the modern workplace revolution. We’ll cut through the jargon, delivering real digital advancements for a successful, risk-free journey into the future.

We believe digital transformation can be broken down into five stages of maturity. Our goal will be to work with you to get to stage 5.

Five stages of Digital Transformation:

  • Stage 1: Functional Excellence
    • Ensure stable systems for seamless operations.
    • Empower remote work capabilities.
  • Stage 2: Risk Fortification
    • Conduct regular penetration tests for robust security.
    • Implement multi-factor authentication and enhance staff awareness.
  • Stage 3: Strategic Synergy
    • Craft a roadmap with clear milestones.
    • Align budgets for strategic execution.
  •  Stage 4: Compliance Mastery
    • Confirm cyber security resilience.
    • Establish and follow policies and procedures.
  • Stage 5: Business Brilliance
    • Automate processes for efficiency.
    • Navigate operations with live dashboards.

Transforming businesses with strategic finesse, Altostratus Tech pioneers a digital revolution for seamless efficiency and fortified success in the modern era.

Business Continuity

Prepare for the unexpected with Altostratus Tech’s Business Continuity solutions. Beyond post-event recovery, we proactively help you plan for disruptions, from cyber-attacks to natural disasters. Our focus is on establishing policies and processes for swift recovery, ensuring your business stays resilient and operational in the face of any challenge.

Elevating Business Resilience in Five Key Moves

Email and Files: Leverage MS 365 for robust storage and communication; enhance protection with a cloud-based backup solution.

Computers: Optimize device setup with Azure AD and Intune for swift and efficient deployment.

Networking: Streamline replacements and updates with cloud-based networking solutions.

Phone Systems: Embrace cloud-based phone systems for dependable and flexible communication.

ERP and Critical Systems: Ensure resilience with cloud-based critical systems; for others, establish robust backup and recovery plans.

Altostratus Tech: Shaping Tomorrow’s Success by Safeguarding Your Business Today, with Unmatched Business Continuity Brilliance.