We offer a full range of IT Consulting services to fit your specialised needs, from helping you find answers to routine technology questions to complete technology roadmaps. We offer IT health assessments, business continuity consulting, assistance with digital transformation, and much more – along with ongoing IT strategy meetings to ensure the success of your solutions and your total peace of mind.


Strategic Review



Embark on the fact-finding journey with Altostratus Tech’s Audit Services. Our aim is clear: to comprehensively understand your company’s IT infrastructure. The initial audit entails an on-site session where we pose targeted questions to unravel essential insights.

Unveiling key aspects:

  • Uncover your email system and access methods.
  • Map out file storage and permission workflows.
  • Assess data backup protocols and business continuity plans.
  • Evaluate Audio/Video/VOIP integration.
  • Identify standardized hardware for desktops and laptops.
  • Catalog CRM systems steering your operations.
  • Analyze Endpoint Security measures in place.
  • Examine your network infrastructure’s architecture.
  • Understand remote access techniques employed.

At Altostratus Tech, our Audit is the cornerstone of strategic planning. Step into the world of insightful fact-finding, setting the stage for informed decisions ahead.

Strategic Review

Navigating Your IT Future: The next phase of Altostratus Tech’s consultancy journey, the Strategic Review.

Building on the insights gathered from our meticulous audit, we now embark on a strategic exploration to drive your IT landscape to new heights.

The Strategic Review unfolds as follows:

  1. Insightful Reporting: Our experts compile a comprehensive report detailing the current state of each audited section. This report acts as a compass, highlighting strengths and vulnerabilities.

  2. Clear Ratings: To simplify your understanding, we assign a straightforward rating to each section. This rating offers a quick grasp of the section’s health—whether it’s in the “green” or needs attention.

  3. Recommendations for Success: Our report doesn’t just stop at assessment; it offers actionable recommendations. We outline precise steps needed to elevate each section to optimal performance.

  4. Collaborative Discussion: We value your perspective. A dedicated meeting is arranged to delve into the review’s findings. Your insights provide crucial context, enriching our roadmap creation process.

  5. The Roadmap Ahead: Our end goal is to craft a tailored roadmap—a strategic guide to lead each section towards your envisioned future. This roadmap becomes your blueprint for achieving excellence.

We're not just consultants; we're partners in your IT journey:

  • Empower your email system and access methods.
  • Streamline file storage and permission workflows.
  • Strengthen data backup protocols and business continuity plans.
  • Optimize Audio/Video/VOIP integration.
  • Enhance standard hardware for desktops and laptops.
  • Maximize the potential of CRM systems driving your operations.
  • Fortify Endpoint Security measures.
  • Design a resilient network infrastructure architecture.
  • Refine remote access techniques for streamlined connectivity.

Your IT evolution begins with the Altostratus Tech Strategic Review. Let’s shape the future of your technology landscape—strategically, collaboratively, and confidently.


Forging Your Path: The heart of Altostratus Tech’s consultancy journey—the Tailored Roadmap

This phase marks the convergence of our expertise and your vision, guiding your IT landscape toward a future of excellence.

The Roadmap Unveiled:

  1. Your Vision, Your Priorities: At this juncture, your vision takes the lead. While we offer insights and recommendations, the roadmap is a reflection of your aspirations and priorities.

  2. Strategic Steps: For each audited section, we outline strategic steps necessary for transformation. These steps are like milestones, bringing your technology goals to life.

  3. Informed Decision-Making: Some paths may be straightforward; others might entail significant effort. Together, we assess the complexity and impact of each step, ensuring decisions are well-informed.

  4. Shared Insights: We don’t just present options; we provide our perspective on what’s most vital. But remember, the ultimate decisions rest with you, harmonizing with your company’s unique ethos.

  5. Comprehensive Timelines: The roadmap isn’t just about what—it’s also about when. We create comprehensive timelines, plotting the journey ahead and setting realistic expectations.

Embrace the Altostratus Tech Roadmap:

  • Empower your email system and access methods at your pace.
  • Craft an efficient file storage and permission strategy.
  • Implement robust data backup and business continuity plans with precision.
  • Seamlessly integrate Audio/Video/VOIP solutions based on your rhythm.
  • Upgrade standard hardware for desktops and laptops systematically.
  • Embrace CRM enhancements tailored to your operational flow.
  • Strengthen Endpoint Security measures incrementally.
  • Architect your network infrastructure with foresight.
  • Navigate remote access evolution on your terms.

With Altostratus Tech’s Tailored Roadmap, your IT future is charted by collaboration, empowered by your aspirations, and guided by our expertise. Let’s embark on this journey, transforming complexities into opportunities, and aspirations into realities.